LeadUF is a leadership experience designed for first and second year students. Students who participate can expect to learn about, reflect on and develop their own personal leadership framework. LeadUF is based on the understanding that leadership is a life-long journey developed by our experiences and the engagement in the our community and world. Participants are paired with leadership coaches who are there to help motivate and support throughout the LeadUF journey.


Deadline to apply: February 16

I went to LeadUF with no expectations in mind and it ended up being one of the most truthful experiences I’ve had at UF. Everyone there was genuine with their intentions and just wanted to grow together. I learned so much about myself and my peers, I feel very grateful for taking a chance on this great opportunity.”


There are two ways to experience the LeadUF journey. As a participant or a leadership coach.

Student Participants

LeadUF is designed to provide participants with skills to make positive change and become a leader at the University of Florida. The LeadUF program will incorporate large group activities, small group discussions, reflection, mentorship, and time to connect with other leaders.


  • What is Leadership
  • Values & Leadership
  • Connecting Passion to Action
  • Self-Awareness
  • Conflict Management
  • Active Listening
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Learning from Failure


LeadUF is a semester long program the includes weekly meetings and a half day retreat. The program takes place during the spring semester.

Spring 2021 Program Information

LeadUF will be offered as a hybrid-program. Participants will engage in weekly virtual meetings every Wednesday in March from 4pm – 5:30pm.

Program Schedule*

  • February 27th | 9am-12:30pm, LeadUF Kickoff & Welcome, Discovering Personal Leadership Identity
  • Meeting 1: Creating a Vision
  • Meeting 2: Active Listening/Empathy
  • Meeting 3: Resilience/Failure
  • Meeting 4: Becoming an Equitable Leader: Understanding Yourself to Lead Change
  • Meeting 5: Courageous Leadership/Leadership in Action
  • April 9th | 1pm-2:30pm, LeadUF Virtual Showcase

*Each Friday, LeadUF participants will have the opportunity to engage in fun in-person activities. All activities will be planned in accordance with Covid-19 guidance.

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Leadership Coaches

Faculty, staff and graduate students are integral to creating the LeadUF experience. Leadership Coaches motivate and support students during throughout the program while assisting students in identifying personal leadership styles. Coaches also serve as mentors throughout the experience.


  • Facilitate small group discussions and reflections
  • Mentor 3-4 students throughout the duration of the experience
  • Provide suggestions of events, programs, organizations that would align with students’ interests
  • Challenge students to make connections between involvement and other life experiences

LeadUF is a semester long program that includes weekly meetings and a half day retreat. Leadership Coaches are expected to attend a virtual training, facilitate 30 minute discussions at weekly small group sessions with assigned students, and meet with mentees for 1:1 check-ins at least once during the program.

Interested in becoming a Leadership Coach? Please fill out the application by February 16th.
If you have questions about the program, what it means to be a coach or more, please reach out to our office bcls@ufsa.ufl.edu.


If you have questions about the program, what it means to be a participant or coach, please reach out to our office bcls@ufsa.ufl.edu.