Put Your Leadership Into Action!

LeadUF is an award-winning signature leadership experience designed for new, transfer, and second-year students to continue their leadership development journey and connect with other students. Taking place before classes begin, this pathway program will help students learn, reflect, and develop their personal leadership framework through interactive activities and skill development.

LeadUF centers on the belief that leadership is a life-long journey developed by experiences and engagement in the community and world.

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Ready to kickstart your UF leadership journey?

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More information regarding applications for the 2024 LeadUF Cohort is coming soon.
LeadUF is a free experience for UF students. Limited to 100 participants chosen by lottery.

Student Testimonials

" LeadUF is a program for young and new college students to build relationships with other students, make connections with staff at UF, and use their creative minds to complete activities where they will learn, reflect on, and build leadership skills."

" Lead UF is a collaborative, celebratory program dedicated to fostering community, encouraging meaningful conversations, and inspiring individuals to embrace their strengths, understand their impact, and enter the semester ready to lead. LeadUF provides a great transition for students eager to find their place at UF."

" LeadUF is a premier leadership development program that allows freshmen, sophomores, and transfer students to understand the most appropriate ways to lead various groups. It's a super engaging experience that allows people of all backgrounds to fully understand one another's perspectives while learning more about their individual selves at the same time."

" LeadUF is a multi-day leadership program that works to further enhance skills as a leader amongst a team, and highlights different ways to become a leader. The program asks the participant to self-reflect and recognize their strengths but also areas that need growth. It gives valuable lessons on how to be responsible in leadership, in terms of stretching oneself too thin and being fully dedicated to one's responsibilities."

Program Dates

LeadUF takes place in August before the fall semester begins.

Information regarding application dates will be released in spring. All students have the opportunity to connect and continue your leadership conversation with the BCLS throughout the fall semester regardless of attendance at LeadUF.

Sample Program Outline

Session 1: Setting the Space
Sunday, Aug 18th, 3 pm-8 pm

Session 2: Leadership, Teams & Me
Monday, Aug 19th, 10:00 am - 4:30 pm

Service Day: Leadership in Action: “Service Begins at Home”
Tuesday, Aug 20th

Session 3: Closing, Recognition & Action
Wednesday, Aug 21st, 9 am to 1:30 pm

Session 4: Developing Your Personal Leadership Plan
Sun, October 6th from 1 pm - 4 pm

****The above times are approximate and are subject to change. We will send you the finalized times when you are accepted. For a comprehensive outline, visit the LeadUF application.

Student Participants

LeadUF is designed to provide participants with skills to make positive changes and become a leader at the University of Florida, Gainesville, and in future endeavors. The LeadUF program will incorporate large group activities, small group discussions, reflection, mentorship, and time to connect with other leaders.


  • What is Leadership
  • Values & Leadership
  • Connecting Passion to Action
  • Self-Awareness
  • Conflict Management
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Communication Strategies
  • Learning about UF and the Gainesville Community


Our peer mentors are composed of student leaders across different disciplines and interests across campus! We have already selected our peer mentors for Fall 2024 LEADUF!

For more information and to apply, contact The Brown Center for Leadership & Service at bcls@ufsa.ufl.edu


If you have questions about the program or how to get involved, please reach out to our office at email: bcls@ufsa.ufl.edu or phone: 352-294-3545.