At the Brown Center for Leadership & Service we strongly believe in the importance of reflection. Reflection is the meaning-making of an experience. Research shows that reflection prior, during, and after a service experience greatly increases learning and satisfaction with the experience.

Reflection* should be:

  • Continuous
  • Challenging
  • Connected
  • Contextualized

Modes of reflection* include:

  • Writing
  • Activities
  • Multimedia
  • Telling

Tools for facilitating reflection*.

*The Center for Leadership and Staff will also gladly meet with you to discuss what might work best for your needs.

Kolb's Learning Cycle
The Kolb Learning Cycle provides a theoretical base for experiential learning and the inclusion of reflective observation.

*Eyler, J., Giles, D. E., Jr., & Schmiede, A. (1996). A practitioner’s guide to reflection in service-learning. Nashville, TN: Vanderbilt University.