Presidential Service Awards

The Presidential Service Award recognizes undergraduate and graduate students who dedicate themselves to promoting social issues, community awareness, and civic engagement on campus and in the community. This award acknowledges students who made outstanding efforts in these areas and too often go unrecognized and unrewarded.

Presidential Service Award Requirements

Applications Close March 1

  • Only open to UF undergraduate, graduate, or professional students who are graduating in the current academic year.
  • Undergraduate students must have completed 400 hours of community service during their overall time as a UF student (i.e. a graduating senior completed approximately 100 hours a year since enrolling at UF).
  • Graduate and Professional students must have completed 200 hours of community service during their time as UF graduate student.
  • A list of community partners’ contact information (phone number and email address) and the total number of hours served with the community partner. The Brown Center for Leadership & Service will send a verification form directly to each partner listed in the application.
  • Photo of nominee working with community partners or a professional head shot*
  • Reflection essay (no more than 500 words) answering the following question: Describe your service experience(s) as a UF student. Why did you decide to engage in service and what did you learn from your experience(s)?

*For the photo requirement, if the service time has been with children and/or other vulnerable populations, please instead submit a professional head shot in lieu of the picture of you doing service. At the awards reception, a slide show of each winner’s picture and quote about why service was impactful will be featured.

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